Projects in the Middle East that will utilize Aergo Blockchain Technology

Taken from Aergo Quarterly Project Update Q4 2019 & Q1 2020, please read it here for more details:

Aergo-based Blockchain Contracts with the South Korean Government can be read here:

Middle East Customer Acquisition

Today, we are happy to share that the team has narrowed down the hundreds of opportunities that were available to us into what can be summarized into three key areas of focus.

The first is a direct partnership with a multi-billion dollar development finance firm that operates Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, to build ShameelPay: a new, secure digital finance platform based on Aergo technology — compliant with religious laws, that allows users to create, influence, and manage their own self-sovereign digital financial identities and unlock new potential from a vast range of digital asset offerings in emerging digital civilizations. This opportunity will open the Aergo technology to a wider audience in the entirety of Eurasia and Africa, paving the way for Aergo to truly become a fully-fledged and widely-pervasive platform for the most complex and difficult-to-address use cases pertaining to the sharing of information and unleashing the true value of unstructured, dark, or uncleansed data.

Another interesting development that took place is that we established ourselves further in the United Arab Emirates by partnering directly with a royal family member of the UAE capital Abu Dhabi’s Al Nahyan dynasty, to gain access to federal state-level initiatives around potential Aergo implementations by targeting Abu Dhabi’s national ministry offices in parallel to working with the royal family of Dubai, the other main Emirate in the UAE. This will further support ongoing initiatives taking place in the UAE and support discussions around potentially implementing a Digital Asset Bank for all financial institutions and government entities in the UAE.

The second major project that we were able to secure due to our new Abu Dhabi royal family partnership involves working with a government body in the Middle East to build a new autonomous digital land registry system based on Aergo that tracks over 1.5 billion land records and processes over 200 million cross-government land registry data exchanges yearly. Waqf property entitlements will be a key consideration in boosting what is now becoming an increased interest for government entities in Middle Eastern nations, for compliance with certain religious laws, which can now be demonstrated securely and in a verifiable way using blockchain-based architectures. The project will utilize Blocko and Aergo’s already-deployed real estate land registry data exchange ecosystem use case operating on the Aergo technology in the Jeju Island of South Korea. More information will be shared as this project progresses. Our final and third deal revolves around working with a major federal government-focused smart technology initiative in the Middle East to implement a Digital Civilization Platform in the region to build an integrated data ecosystem based on Aergo technology that allows government entities to understand everything about a tourist or citizen’s positioning data, user behavior data, and probe data and to effectively get a 360° view into any customer, to enable new capabilities in targeted advertising and security. The platform aims to be implemented for multiple tourism complexes (i.e., museums), healthcare systems, and hotels, then connected together utilizing Aergo’s innovative Merkle bridge technology. More details will be shared at a later date, and once this important lighthouse transaction and in-development project reaches more advanced stages of development.

Alongside this, we have identified a real need in this region of the world for an organization that can work directly and strategically to advise regional governments and very large-scale industrial companies on very advanced blockchain-based programs. Its focus is to jointly identify and solve highly focused large-scale ambitious projects using blockchain and other innovative technologies (such as solutions for secure digital assets, digital identities, smart tourism, smart governance, smart supply chains, and soon quantum-resistant and ultra-secure computing execution environments). By combining our capabilities and those of select bleeding-edge industrial partners (including, but not limited to Blocko), we aim to target the most selective ground-breaking projects in partnership with forward-looking government organizations. We will be selective. Very selective.

To this effect we are establishing and participating in a new Aergo-focused business partnership organization with select firms that have complementary bleeding edge technologies and capabilities to Blocko and Aergo. This partnership consortium will be called the Execution Intelligence Group (aka E24P) and will be based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is now emerging as a true center of innovation for some of the world’s most ambitious government and large-scale industrial projects, and where distributed data and trust needs to be established between a variety of organizations.

A forward-looking member of the ruling royal family in Abu Dhabi originally approached us in late 2019, and has now kindly offered to sponsor, guide, and support E24P with these efforts. This is testament to our Aergo technology, team and EI capabilities. We are truly humbled and honored by this extremely generous gesture.

Imparting the E24P knowledge and building local technical development capabilities in the Middle East and South East Asia in core areas of advanced technologies is a key element of the new group’s strategy. In short, this region provides huge future opportunities for Aergo and our partners. The launch of E24P aims to take advantage of Aergo’s and Blocko MENA’s now very defensible and strong position in the United Arab Emirates by expanding further through a collaborative approach alongside a number of the world’s leading organizations.

Partners at launch will include a leading team of fintech and distributed systems experts that previously built an international fin-tech business acquired by Western Union, now rivaling the giant in building a decentralized financial platform for the migrant and unbanked world as an alternative to existing (often more expensive) incumbents. Another future partner is a leading UK and China-based research institute that has devised bleeding-edge innovations in areas of quantum computing, lattice cryptography, M2M supply chains, data custody, smart tourism, and smart identities.

E24P will officially be launched very soon.

We will continue to update our community on how all our new partnerships progress in future news releases.

Known cryptcurrencies and blockchain since 2015. Certified blockchain expert and a graphic designer.

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Known cryptcurrencies and blockchain since 2015. Certified blockchain expert and a graphic designer.

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