Hi. I’m Kyeong-Hoon Kim, co-founder of Blocko and CEO of Blocko XYZ. We created CCCV to connect people to people. Based on Blocko’s founding experience and the CTO experience of a cryptocurrency exchange called BTC Korea that was sold to Bithumb. We established Blocko XYZ to create a real service that uses blockchain and are currently developing CCCV. We prepared this video to introduce the service to those who are curious about CCCV through AERGO.

What is CCCV to?

Do you know anyone that has been harmed by a social network impersonation scams? CCCV is a social credit bureau service to lower the trust cost of such social data through blockchain DID technology. To put it more easily, CCCV can be viewed as a blockchain-based service that combines LinkedIn and LinkTree.

Please introduce the CCCV Team.

CCCV is a service created within the DApp studio of Blocko XYZ, a Blocko venture backed company. Blocko XYZ is composed of talented blockchain DApp development team, operating independently from Blocko. A Blockchain enthusiast, international star Bae Yong-Joon has also invested in Blocko XYZ.

Interesting, why do you need these services?

First of all, the problem we are trying to solve is the same problem that many blockchain startups are trying to solve with smart oracles. The fragmented data that exists in social networks today are difficult to determine credibility and are low value-add if it is possible to quantify the data that is unquantitatively accumulated on the internet, such as social, relationship, and career, and convert it into high value-added data. It will be possible to connect with various DApps based on the blockchain at a much lower cost.

Do you have any plans to develop a DApp other than CCCV to?

It is under consideration, but for now, we will focus on expanding CCCV’s service. We believe that services that are actually used are more important than launching a lot of DApps, and we are preparing to release some big news later this year.

What Big News?

We can’t disclose the news now as it is currently in progress. However, it is something big enough, so that anyone who plans to visit Seoul at the end of the Covid restrictions, they will know CCCV. And one thing this is certain, that there has never been a larger real-world blockchain project in Korea.

Does it work with AERGO mainnet?

For now, it does not. However, Korean laws related to authentication started to change from the previous year. Before the change, it was illegal for startups to service these services on public blockchains. Currently, it is operating on AERGO Enterprise but planning to migrate to mainnet as the laws get more defined. Operating on AERGO mainnet was the key reason for this funding. And we are planning key features through AERGO tokens to be released in future releases.

Are there many users on CCCV? Who is using it?

Beta launch started about 3 months ago and it’s starting to be used by several popular influencers, mainly in Korea. Currently, MAU is continuously rising rapidly at 400-> 3000->20000 level. The most interesting part is that CCCV users, compared to general portal sites or communities, on the important CPC advertisement, have 7 to 20 times higher CTR (Click through rate).

You currently only operate in Korea. Do you have any plans to expand overseas?

Yes, as the service is still in beta, it is ready for multilingual, but expanding overseas is still currently under review. We plan to complete the verification of service functions in Korea where the users are very content and crypto industry friendly, and we expect to be able to announce global expansion as soon as the beta testing is completed.

Would you like to regularly share the progress of the project in the future?

Yes of course, We also felt that we needed to update the community better in the future. We will share more in the future, and this is just the beginning. I can tell you one thing for sure. If you are on a journey with Aergo. In 2021, you will have a completely new and better experience.

Known cryptcurrencies and blockchain since 2015. Certified blockchain expert and a graphic designer.

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Known cryptcurrencies and blockchain since 2015. Certified blockchain expert and a graphic designer.

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