Hi. I’m Kyeong-Hoon Kim, co-founder of Blocko and CEO of Blocko XYZ. We created CCCV to connect people to people. Based on Blocko’s founding experience and the CTO experience of a cryptocurrency exchange called BTC Korea that was sold to Bithumb. We established Blocko XYZ to create a real service that uses blockchain and are currently developing CCCV. We prepared this video to introduce the service to those who are curious about CCCV through AERGO.

What is CCCV to?

Do you know anyone that has been harmed by a…

Taken from AERGO QPU Update for Q2 — Q3 2020:

In Q2 and Q3 of 2020, the pandemic has not slowed down AERGO’s penetration in new opportunities in the government and the enterprise sector. Here are some highlights:

● NIPA (National IT Promotion Agency)

NIPA, Korean government agency, devotes itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the ICT industry and contributes to the economic growth through the efficient support and laying the groundwork for the industrial technology promotion. BLOCKO has won a 4 year research project to apply AI algorithms to analyze consumer energy distribution and consumption big data to evaluate peer to peer rewards by…

taken from AERGO QPU for Q2–3 2020:

1. AERGO Hub

We are currently working on the AERGO Hub development. AERGO Hub is a platform which utilizes computing power from various sources and re-sells the resources as a platform. Currently, many BaaS services have entered the market. AERGO and its partners have implemented the AERGO Enterprise as a private BaaS over the last few years. With the experience we have had, the AERGO team has thoroughly discussed the business cases and decided to expand the hub to more of a general PaaS.

Before looking to what Skale Network is bringing to blockchain world, let us look at the promises of Blockchain and Decentralized technology.

Truth Machine

Blockchain is a data structure where data is immutable. There is no “edit” function, all transactions are just “append”. It is like triple-entry accounting, where there is not only debit and credit but also a link to the previous entry. This makes data on blockchain untamperable (at least that is what a blockchain as data structure is). The more decentralized a network become, the more secure and resilient it is from attacks.

Blockchain offers traceability and auditability of…

by Piers Ridyard, CEO ng Radix

from CopperCasts: Show & Tell:

Decentralized Finance is the killer application for cryptocurrency platforms
representing a fundamental unbundling of financial products and services on an open decentralized network ready to take on the internet for the long term impact is going to have on humanity.

However it is both booming and in crisis. In the last 90 days we’ve seen DeFi go from 1 Billion dollars under management to 7 BIllioon dollars under management, now sucking in assets at a rate of 1 B dollars every 2 weeks.

If you haven’t yet, you can read about “NOIA Token Model” here: before proceeding to have a better understanding on the subject.

What happens to the tokens the company receives as payment? Will the company sell the tokens it receives as Subscription Fees? What’s the mechanism there? How does Subscription Fee compare to Data Transfer Fee in terms of sales volume? Which is more significant?

Domas Povilauskas: That’s a very good question, and the answer is Data Transfer fee is much more significant because it will be used to drive value to the economy and enable Programmable Internet.


NOIA COO Domantas Jaskunas reviews the NOIA token’s place and purpose within our entire tech ecosystem.

From video:

Hi everyone my name is Dom, one of the co-founder and COO of NOIA Network and in this short video today I’m going to talk about the NOIA Token and discuss its place and purpose in the whole NOIA ecosystem.

We keep getting ask this questions quite a lot especially in the last 2 weeks followed because the fact that our community quite grew substantially and we just taught it might be a good idea to come out and address some…

SESSION 1: Can Blockchain be Utilized? AERGO Open Source Project for Blockchain Popularization

REPORTER: ANGU DO from Techsuda


From the video:

Angu Do: Wow! Hello everyone. This is reporter Angu Do from TechSuda. We have a special guest today who will explain to us about blockchain service, technology and trends. Please welcome Hunyoung Park, the CTO of Blocko.

Hunyoung Park: Hello, my name is Hunyoung Park and I am the CTO of BLOCKO, currently working to popularize blockchains.

Angu Do: What Coin?

Hunyoung Park: You mean Bitcoin? I had them at some point.

Angu Do: I tried to be familiar with Bitcoin. The worldwide popularity…

Taken from Aergo Quarterly Project Update Q4 2019 & Q1 2020, please read it here for more details:

Aergo-based Blockchain Contracts with the South Korean Government can be read here:

Middle East Customer Acquisition

Today, we are happy to share that the team has narrowed down the hundreds of opportunities that were available to us into what can be summarized into three key areas of focus.

The first is a direct partnership with a multi-billion dollar development finance firm that operates Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, to build ShameelPay: a new, secure digital finance platform based on Aergo technology — compliant with…

The fourth quarter in the enterprise technology world, especially with regards to new emerging fields like enterprise blockchain, is typically the quarter that government contacts for the following year are finalized. In South Korea, Blocko was able to win four large Aergo-based blockchain contracts in Q4 of 2019 and Q1 of 2020 with various new Korean government clients.

A number of additional deals were signed with existing government clients, as well as existing and new private sector clients. The first of these deals was with the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Department (KICCD) dealing with various corporate urban planning matters in…


Known cryptcurrencies and blockchain since 2015. Certified blockchain expert and a graphic designer.

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